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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to St. James the Greater School!

omn0fyj1ldww2hkxxb8lide5tkl.jpgLocated in the historic "Dogtown" neighborhood of Saint Louis, Saint James the Greater Catholic School has been in existence since 1902. Throughout this past and into the present, thousands of children have benefited from numerous opportunities for lifelong growth-both in Faith and academics.

The challenges and opportunities to continue this wonderful tradition is what inspires the current school community. They understand and embrace the proud traditions of this venerable institution. Many of our current students' parents attended Saint James.

In the ever changing climate of today's Catholic education it is my pleasure to serve as principal of the school. Because of the generous financial support of the parish and school families, the hard work and dedication of our faculty and the active participation of a diversified student body in our many programs, Saint James the Greater School continues to prepare students who are people of faith and life-long learners.

Thank you for visiting our website. It offers a good overview of who we are. Better yet, contact me for further information or come for a visit or a tour. We enjoy sharing with everyone our story and opportunities.

Mr. Michael Biggs
St. James the Greater School