Early Childhood Education Center

Connie Jansen, Director/Teacher

Hello! My name is Connie Jansen. I am the Director/Classroom teacher for the Early Childhood Education Center at St. James the Greater. I received my degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri Baptist University and have been teaching for many years. Your child will have a very busy and exciting school year.

They will learn many things through themed weekly lessons. Through play, they will also learn things such as taking turns, how to share,  and even expand their communication skills. During the year, students will learn to identify numbers, letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors and simple math skills that include addition and subtraction. Your child will discover how to print their name along with all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10. Students will be introduced to a sight word reading program and beginning sounds before entering kindergarten.

I look forward to nurturing and teaching your child, and building a strong foundation for him/her that will lead to a lifelong love for learning!