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Mrs. Lara Etling, KDG

Mrs. Lara Etling, KDG

Mrs. Lara Etling

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Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Lara Etling and I am the Kindergarten teacher at St. James the Greater. This is my first year teaching at St. James. I am very excited to be part of such a wonderful community of families and faith. As a teacher, it is my privilege to teach students the importance of God in our lives and help them foster a stronger relationship with God. Kindergarten will consist of lessons in Reading, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies and Science. It will be a very exciting and fun year.

In Reading, we will be using the Superkids Reading Program. This program focuses on alphabetic awareness, letter sounds and forming words using the letter sounds. Superkids uses characters to engage students and foster a love for reading.

In Mathematics, students will learn about number recognition, sorting, shapes, patterns, time, addition and subtraction, measurement and more. Through the use of hands on activities and math manipulatives, each student will be equipped with the tools needed to master each section.

In Religion, students will learn who God is, what He has created and how we can form stronger relationships with Him through prayer and regular attendance at Mass. We will begin each day with prayer and student prayer requests during morning calendar and end each day in prayer. Students will learn several prayers that will prepare them for Mass in the second semester of school. Religion will be incorporated into many aspects of our classroom.

Social Studies and Science will be incorporated in a variety of ways. Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum will be used to engage students and foster their creativity. Students will work together to solve problems using hands-on strategies. Students will also learn about historical figures and events, animal species and other topics through the use of books and technology.

I believe that every child can succeed when given the support and tools necessary to do so. As an educator, I commit to providing a safe and nurturing environment for my students to succeed and become life-long learners. I am very excited to begin this journey with St. James the Greater!