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Mrs. Anne Stein, 6th/7th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Anne Stein, 6th/7th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Anne Stein

5th/6th Grade Homeroom

Hello, my name is Anne Stein. I am the 5th and 6th Grade Homeroom teacher and I teach Math and Science to Grades 4-8. I have teaching certifications in Elementary Education Grades 1-8, Math Grades 5-9, and Deaf Education Grades K-12.

For 4th-8th Grade Math, we will be using the Sadlier Math series. This curriculum provides students with comprehensive coverage of grade level skills and concepts. Connections are made to real-world applications and problem solving, so the students will be mathematically proficient as they move through school and onto their future careers.

The Science program is hands on and inquiry based. We want the students to see science as something they do, not just content to be learned. We will utilize the Science Lab to investigate a variety of subjects relating to Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. The students participate in Science Fair, which provides them with the opportunity to use inquiry to investigate topics that they choose. Many students go on to compete at the Greater St. Louis Science Fair.