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Miss Kaitlin Wright, 1st Grade

Miss Kaitlin Wright, 1st Grade

Miss Kaitlin Wright

1st Grade
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I am Kaitlin Wright and I am the 1st Grade teacher at St. James the Greater. I have grown up with a St. Louis Catholic Education (K-12) and I strongly believe that it assists in the shaping of children into driven faith-filled adults. It is important that at a young age students see the importance of God's role in our lives and as a 1st grade teacher it is my privilege to assist in providing this knowledge. Our 1st graders will have a heavy focus on Mathematics, Reading, and Religion while also having lessons based in Science and Social Studies.

In mathematics, we use Sadlier Math in which students will be learning about addition/subtraction strategies, shape attributes, place value, time, money concepts, and much more. Our classroom has an abundance of easily accessible math tools that can be used to assist children in achieving mastery of particular math concepts.

Students will be building on their foundation of phonics, fluency, comprehension, and concepts of print. We use the Treasures Reading Program.  Also, the students will have weekly Author Studies, which will focus on a particular author and their writing style.

Religion is continuously present throughout our day. Children will learn about the Trinity, Mary, our Mother, Baptism, prayer, and numerous Saints of the Catholic Church.  Children will learn some prayers that are prayed regularly in the Catholic Church such as the Glory Be, as well as, have a chance to participate in spontaneous prayer at the classroom prayer table. They will join the rest of the school for all school masses each Tuesday morning.

Social Studies and Science will often be incorporated in an interdisciplinary manner through reading books about different events, processes, or species and through using graphs and tables to compare people or places. Also, the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum will be used in order for students to grow in their problem solving skills. Students will use the scientific method to try to solve a problem by creating something of their own or with a group.

Every student has the capability to learn and succeed as long as they are given the proper tools and a safe environment in which to grow. As a teacher, I will be the facilitator of learning and will do my best to adjust strategies in order to best meet the needs of each child in order for them to experience success.