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Hot Lunch Program

Hot Lunch Program

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The lunch prices for the 2018-19 school year are:
Hot Lunch (full price) - $2.25
Hot Lunch (reduced price) - $0.40
Milk and Juice - $0.40
....Click HERE for the free & reduced-price lunch application

The yearly lunch ticket for 2017-18 is $348.00 for each child. This fee may be paid in one payment or paid in four installments (see dates & payments below):
August 30th - $87.00
September 27th - $87.00
October 25th - $87.00
November 29th - $87.00
The yearly ticket will include the first few days of school. There are no credits given on a yearly ticket. If your child chooses not to buy lunch on a given day, he or she may use the ticket for milk or juice.

Monthly lunch ticket money will be due on the last Friday of the month for the following month. The prices will be printed on the lunch menu. Your monthly lunch ticket will allow for credits for excused absences only.

Money for the weekly lunch ticket is due on the last day of the week for the following week. Your weekly lunch ticket will allow for credits for excused absences only.

If your child has an excused absence, then he or she may receive a credit. You must keep track of your own credits and then deduct them from the next monthly or weekly ticket purchased. On the outside of your lunch payment envelope, please write how many credits your child has.

If your child has forgotten or misplaced their lunch money, they need to let their teacher know during the morning lunch count. They will receive an IOU slip for lunch. Payments for IOU lunches are due promptly.

If your child does not like the main entree offered that day, then he or she may choose a peanut butter (w/ or w/o jelly) sandwich or a cheese sandwich. These substitutions must be made during the morning lunch count.