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Carlson's Kids

Carlson's Kids

Pre-Kindergarten & After School Care

We are pleased to announce "Carlson's Kids" at St. James the Greater School! This program has been named in honor of Rev. Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis. "Carlson's Kids" is a curriculum-based Pre-Kindergarten program with separate classrooms for 3 and 4-year-olds. Parents may tailor weekly attendance for their "Carlson's Kid" from as little as 3 half-days per week to as many as 5 extended days per week. Please click on on any of the links below for more information!


Click HERE to learn more about the Carlson's Kids Curriculum.

Click HERE to download a 2018-19 Carlson's Kids Registration Packet (includes tuition schedule).

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Meet the Carlson's Kids Staff

6afhxgrtt5s17hh3yvrfbqolzwl.jpgHello! My name is Connie Jansen. I am the Director/Pre-K4 teacher for Carlson's Kids Preschool at St. James the Greater Catholic School. Your child will have a very busy and exciting school year. They will learn many things through themed weekly lessons and through play such as taking turns, how to share, rules and communication skills. During the year, students will learn to identify numbers, the letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors and simple math skills that include addition and subtraction. Your child will discover how to print their name along with all the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet and numbers 1 to 10. Students will be introduced to a sight word reading program and beginning sounds before entering kindergarten. I received my degree in Early Childhood Education at Missouri Baptist University and have been teaching preschool for many years. I am a mother and grandmother. I enjoy spending time with them, reading books, planting flowers and attending The Muny and Fox. 



goyahbm4n79escqxdksjj6sjqal.jpgHello, my name is Jane Hilton. I am the Pre-K 3 teacher for Carlson's Kids Preschool at St. James the Greater. I look forward to a very active and exciting school year as our three-year-old preschoolers learn basic social skills such as sharing, manners, and communicating with each other in a group setting. They will also be busy learning colors, shapes, numbers, letters and other early literacy and math skills that will help to prepare them for future grades. They will have many opportunities to nurture their faith and love for God through our religion curriculum. I believe that children learn best through hands-on learning, so our students will have many opportunities to practice gross and fine motor skills and discover concepts using sensory exploration. Years ago, I received my BA in Speech Communication and German from Loras College. I also studied in Galway, Ireland where I earned a concentration in English Literature. I moved to St. Louis to pursue coursework in Education and master classes in English Literature at Saint Louis University. I am certified to teach Religion from Paul the Sixth Pontifical Institute. I have spent several years substitute teaching, teaching vocation skills to people with disabilities and have spent the past three years teaching preschool. I'm married with three children.


Carlson's Kids wear school uniforms! Look at the pictures below to see what the uniforms look like.

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