Early Childhood Education Center

Early Education Supply List

Supply List

1 Package of Expo Markers - various colors

Family Photo

1 Box of Band Aids (latex free)

1 Box of chalk - various colors (can be sidewalk or regular chalk)

1 Package of Sticky Tack/Poster Putty


Change of Clothes (any kind of shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, and socks)


Naptime Supplies (full day students):

Bag or Plastic Box ( to store naptime supplies)

1 Fitted Crib sheet 

1 Small Blanket

1 Small Pillow

1 Stuffed Animal


Lunchtime Supplies (full day students):

Nutritional lunch and drink in a lunch bag with an ice pack to keep it cool



Used Toys (we will clean them)

Dress up Clothing (Used or New)