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We Love to Play at St. James the Greater ECEC

St. James the Greater Early Childhood Education Center is proud to be a play based, child centered preschool program. We believe that children learn through PLAY! The play-based approach is teacher supported and child initiated learning. But, why? Why is play so important to our preschoolers? First, play and play-based learning is different. Play is a very broad concept, wheras play-based learning means "to learn while at play" and our students learn lots and lots during their play! Play helps children understand the world around them, explore shapes, sounds, senses, practice motor skills, cooperate and listen to others, builds communication and social skills, problem solve, resolve conflicts and encourages exploration and curosity. Our students are typically in the associate and cooperative stages of play, where they first start to interact with others and then move to fully playing with their peers based on their interest in the same activity. 

What does our play-based classroom look like? Our mulit-age classroom is set up into student led, hands-on centers. We have centers for dramatic play, blocks, math, literacy, writing, light table, ipads, sensory and playdough where the students can explore and visit based on their interests for the day. 

We love to learn, grow and PLAY at St. James the Greater ECEC! 


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