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Staying Afloat in the World of Remote Learning

One thing we know for certain during the pandemic is that children are still learning, growing and developing and it is our job, as educators, to continue providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, whether it be in-person or remote. I think it’s safe to say that remote learning is not going anywhere in the near future and many teachers are left trying to find creative ways to make remote learning a meaningful experience, especially for our youngest learners. Play-based educational learning centers, such as ours, may find remote learning a daunting task. Our children learn through creative, hands-on, play-based experiences that are student-led and teacher directed. Trying to mirror that concept in remote learning can be a challenge, but we are committed to staying connected to our families if and when the remote learning need arises. Preschool age children are in the preoperational stage where they are building memory, imagination and attaching meaning to objects. It is developmentally inappropriate to expect remote learning to be screen-based at this stage in development. Our approach to remote learning is encouraging our students to explore their play in the real world. For example, a virtual learning lesson would encourage the children to build a strong tower that can withstand the weight of a book. Or, offering an inside scavenger hunt activity where they have to find 3 spoons, a toy car, 2 crayons and 5 blocks. We think it’s important to provide lots of opportunities for movement and fun in remote learning. Parents are our partners and they extend their child’s learning into the home environment, but we also understand that many families have lots of obligations. Remote learning is voluntary and participation is encouraged but not required. Our remote learning is built on love, grace and connection; the same foundation as traditional in-person learning.


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