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Athletic Association



Our mission is unwavering support and unconditional belief in the student athletes of St. James the Greater School. We teach the fundamentals of each sport, good sportsmanship, and individual growth through competition. We utilize sports as an educational tool - encouraging the intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual growth of our children. We accomplish our mission by continually striving to become better coaches, parents, and fans. 


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Association By-Laws
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Parent Code of Conduct

Media Release form for Student Athletes and Coaches

Athletic Director Ken Weiss 314-560-0170
Asst. Athletic Director Becky Bailey 314-473-0397
Secretary Josh Wilderson 314-578-8430
Treasurer Tom Wong 314-581-6073
Purchasing Director Brian Behrens 314-971-4283
Baseball Director Kyle Keeteman 636-485-0138
Basketball Director Ryan Woolbright 314-604-7327
Soccer Director Jose Navarro 314-495-1257
Volleyball Director Brian Murphey 314-443-0008
Senior Advisor Rico Lange 314-645-6813
Spiritual Advisor Fr. Rajpaul 314-645-0167